About Daman

About Daman Qatar

Being one of the largest specialised Health Insurance Company in Qatar, we offer a variety of benefits and services for our members.

Daman Health Insurance is Qatar's only specialist health insurer offering a full range of private medical insurance products and services to Small to Medium Enterprise, Corporate and Governmental customers in Qatar. Established in July 2011, Daman Health Insurance Qatar is registered with the Qatar Financial Centre and headquartered in Doha.

A joint venture between National Health Insurance Company (Daman) and Munich Health, Daman Health Insurance strives to be the leading specialist health insurer in Qatar and the first choice for customers seeking quality health insurance products through best in market service combined with operational excellence.

Qatar is a unique market for insurance companies, with over 1 million working on massive developments alongside high-level executives and some of the world’s most influential decision makers, all seeking the highest standards and the most reliable products.

Daman Health Insurance Qatar is unique in that it offers the most inclusive health insurance in the country to date covering all levels of society, with benefits specifically designed to meet a wide range of needs.

CEO's Message


Dear Valued Members,

I am both happy and honored to have entered the dynamic insurance market in Qatar which offers promising prospects and continued development.

Daman Health Insurance Qatar LLC (Daman Qatar) will continue to strive to give the best services with high quality within our selected healthcare provider Network.

Our top priority is the satisfaction of our clients, where we will continue to be the primary Health Insurer in Qatar and the first choice for our customers.

Daman Health Insurance Qatar LLC (Daman Qatar) is a Doha-based company registered with the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC).

Daman Qatar is the result of a joint venture between the National Health Insurance Company-Daman in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Munich Health in Germany.

Herve Bourel
CEO - Daman Qatar