How to Reimburse Claims

All reimbursement claims for medical services received from non-network providers (as per your health insurance plan) must be submitted to Daman within 120 days after the date that the medical service was received inside or outside Qatar.

Please note that with effect from 13th May 2018, we will no longer be offering cheques as a method of payment for reimbursement claims. Bank transfer allows for faster and simpler payments

We encourage use of direct billing through our Network Providers Provider List

STEP 1 : values Download the Daman Reimbursement Claim Form.

STEP 2 : Have your treating doctor sign and stamp it. You yourself will also need to sign the form for it to be accepted by us.

STEP 3 : Attach the supporting documents which are:

  • A. Original itemised invoices with dates.
  • B. Medical report /discharge summary signed and stamped by the treating doctor (for inpatient services only).
  • C. Original prescription for medications with a detailed pharmacy bill (itemised).
  • D. Diagnostic (lab/radiology) investigation reports and invoices.
  • E. Copy of your Daman card.

STEP 4 : There are various ways in which you can submit your claim to Daman, as set out below for your convenience:

  • A. Submit your claim through your company’s HR.
  • B. Send your claim directly to Daman.
  • C. Submit your claim online here.

Reimbursement of claims which are considered complete will be settled within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the claim.Please note that reimbursement claim forms will only be accepted in English & Arabic.